Priya Mani - Sacred Intuitive Art

Painting by Priya Mani
Painting by Priya Mani


“Creative Expression” is my soul food. What I really mean by “Creative Expression” is anything that enlivens my Soul and brings joy, peace and freedom. It is Expansive.


It is fun to play with paints, pastels, papers, flowers, clay, everyday objects, photography, pebbles and so on and so forth.


I create just for the joy of creating and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Every time I create, I learn more about my own self. It is a journey of self discovery and self creating.


I strongly believe that art could help us heal, transform our lives in positive ways and create heaven on Earth.


I grew up in a home which was close to nature. Trees, plants, insects, birds, butterflies, flowers, pets, the sky, the clouds, the starts, the sun, the moon cradled me...They all taught me to accept things as they are; perfect in their own imperfections. 


Intuitive Painting by Priya Mani
Intuitive Painting by Priya Mani


But as I grew up I craved to be a perfectionist in everything I did including the art works. It fetched me lots of rewards and accolades but I was missing always something, until I accidentally stepped into expressive art.


It was a magical moment to get in touch with my authentic feelings. Thus began my journey of tracing back my true nature. The journey has begun, there is a long way to go and I am excited to meet many more Kindred Spirits to make the journey all the more fun and enjoyable.


If you could sum up your current creative process in one sentence what would it be?


The process of creating an expressive / intuitive art is a “Sacred Act.” which fills my Spirit, body and mind with Divine Energy. 


Intuitive Painting by Priya Mani
Intuitive Painting by Priya Mani


How is your creative process supporting you to grow, change or transform?


I strongly believe that our heart centre holds the key to our passion, true calling, however one wishes to call it.


My creative art process helps me connect with my “Heart Space”/ “Sacred Space”.


When I am in tune with my heart, I feel a great enthusiasm for life. It gives me the courage to see myself (with all my flaws), face my fears, to know my potential. It helps me to stand on my own power.


It  also helps me to explore the spiritual aspects of life. Whenever I am disturbed, I resort to either meditate or do intuitive /expressive art.


To sum it up in a line....My art gives me wings to fly and traverse my inner magical world of mystery.

Intuitive Painting by Priya Mani
Intuitive Painting by Priya Mani


What are the main themes you are exploring in your creative process at the moment?


Divine Messages


I am thrilled and excited to get Divine messages through my intuitive art process and share them with others.


E-motional Blocks


Our emotions are the prime reasons we are here on earth. The purpose of life is to experience, transmute them and transform ourselves. 


Fear and Anger are the emotions that nudge me to choose art over reaction.


What are you currently discovering inside of your creative process that might serve as an inspiration for other people's creativity?


When I am engaged in intuitive art, I leave control and let go of my need to be perfect. I listen to my art and allow it to bloom the way it wants to be. I strongly believe that I receive Divine guidance from loving beings - Angels. Be open to be surprised beyond limits. It’s Magical. It is like seeing your inner colours reflected on a Canvas. 


How can we learn more about your creative work in process? 

My journey from being a conventional artist to an expressive artist was possible because of the little bold steps I took in expressing myself to the outside world through my Facebook Page, Blog, small art exhibits and workshops.


I have a face book page “Art from the Soul” exclusively dedicated to expressive/intuitive art.

A Poem

Art and Poetry by Priya Mani
Art and Poetry by Priya Mani

Every piece of art I create transcends me...

Transcends me to the deepest part...

The deepest part that is whole and complete...

Whole and complete with its flaws and foibles...

Flaws that are bold and loud...

Bold and loud like my thoughts..

Thoughts that I think and perceive...

Thoughts that analyse and criticise....

Criticise every new step taken forward...yet

Forward I march with Self -Compassion....

Self-compassion empowers and transforms...

Transforms the ways I think...I talk... I "SELF"

My SELF...the inner child that craves...

Craves for my love and my presence...

My presence in the here and Now...

Here and Now is the state....

The state I transcend to, when ever I Create...

When ever I create art...

Art from my soul...