Digital Collage for Emotional Processing

My first 300 digital collages!

Many people ask me about ways to collage without magazines as they are getting harder to find. So, I tried digital collage and I am hooked. So spontaneous! So fun! So intuitive! So easy!


I create digital collages when I feel emotionally activated and need a quick way to see and process my emotions.


There is a quick way to create a digital collage on FREEMIX


(Note: Freemix is an old online app (currently being updated) with some glitches. Be sure to download your collages right after you create them.)


1. Go to on your computer. (The iPhone/iPad app is now in Beta testing for a small monthly fee HERE.

2. Create a profile.

3. Click on to the "Create" button at the top and your blank background will appear.

4. Click on the "Image Library" button on the right.

5. Click on "Background" on the top and choose a background. Resize as needed. If you are going to upload on Instagram, you might want to create a square background. 

6. After you have chosen a background. Switch to the "Cutouts" option at the top of your collage background. Add all of your collage elements until you are finished.

7. I like to leave the setting on "Random" on the sidebar at all times, as I love the mystery of creating an intuitive collage from what the program generates for me. 

8. Choose and arrange 5-10 "Cutouts" to create a collage on your background. Your collages will save automatically on your profile. Or, collage all your imagery on a white background and choose your background at the very end.

9. To download your collage, go to the "Share" button at the top and press "Download" on the bottom right side of the dropdown menu. Name your collage and download.


Note: If your collage freezes go to the button "View on my Profile" and reload the collage again to access fresh imagery.


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