Art Submission Guidelines

Only you know what your imagery means. However, I can help you to see patterns and themes in your art if you share enough information.


When you submit art with for your email therapy session, please include some writing explaining your thoughts about each image in a word document or a google doc.


For example, there may be a story, a memory or a body feeling that goes along with each piece of art that you could expand on so that I can get to know you better. 


Here are some guidelines on writing that might accompany your art:


* Dialoguing with Your Art - Option 1:


1. What was the intention, impetus or body/emotional feeling that was most prevalent when you created this piece of art?


2. If the colors in your art had a story to tell what would they say?


3. Look at each image, shape, color or symbol in your drawing. If they could speak, what would they tell you about how you are feeling? Each symbol can complete this sentence, "I am..."


4. As you look at your art, do you see any special message or meaning? If so what is it?


5. How do you feel about your drawing/painting? Does it make you feel uncomfortable, happy, free, released, puzzled, etc.?


6. Would you like to change your reaction to your art? In what way?


7. What would you add to your drawing/painting to help you feel better?


8. If this piece of art could express itself in one word or one sentence - what would that be?

* Dialoguing with Your Art - Option 2:


1. When you look at you drawing/collage/painting, what are your immediate intuitive impressions?


2. What does this piece of art tell you about how you are feeling emotionally?


3. How do the colors make you feel?


4. Is there anything in your art that disturbs you? If so, what? Write a few spontaneous sentences about how or why this part disturbs you.


5. What do you like best about your artwork? Write a few intuitive sentences about how this part of your artwork makes you feel good.


6. What have you learned about this artwork about how you feel at this time in your life?


7. Are these issues related to a particular issue or concern? If so, what is it?


8. Does knowing about this issue or concern help you to deal with it? If so, how?



E-therapy questions inspired and informed by art therapist Barbara Ganim.