All courses offer directives for a personal exploration of expressive art and writing to support the release of difficult emotions, and to discover your highest possibilities for growth.


Creative Conversations - Join me for free creative conversations on various  interesting topics related to emotional healing on You Tube


You can view all individual courses in the classroom HERE. Individual courses below are bundled for a significant savings.


If you would like a full, experiential journey through the expressive arts, I recommend taking your courses in the following order.

Course Bundles

Significantly save money by purchasing your expressive arts courses in bundles.

Module 1

Expressive Arts Foundations

All foundational expressive art and writing courses deepen emotional awareness and begin the process of emotional healing through the expressive arts - bundled for a $75 savings.

Module 2

Emotional Catharsis Bundle

This course bundle will support you to "get it all out" through imagery and words, so you can better see what you are emotionally struggling with inside. Release your repressed emotions through daily spontaneous collage and daily guided journal writing. 130 days of expressive arts practice bundled for a $75 savings.

Module 3

Expressive Art as Self-Therapy

Your deepest emotional wound becomes your greatest superpower - once healed. This prolific course bundle includes numerous written PDF lessons, plenty of visual examples, comprehensive psychological explanations of the emotional healing process, 8 art video demos and a PDF guidebook. Bundled for a $125 savings.