All courses offer directives for a personal exploration of art and writing therapy to support the release of difficult emotions, and reveal higher possibilities for growth and wellness .


To support you to choose the right e-course for you, read about the Therapeutic Benefits.


Expressive Arts Play - Free - Monthly mini expressive arts tutorials and studio snippets on You Tube.


If you would like a full, experiential journey through the expressive arts, I recommend taking your courses in the following order.


Module 1: Awareness


1. Dive Deep Expressive Art Journal Course - Free training. This three part video webinar shares "how to" process emotional pain through expressive art journaling.


2. Narrative Therapy - $15.00 - 30 story prompts over 30 days.


3. Expressive Poetry - $25.00 - Writing spontaneous poetry with imagery. Lessons arrive every day for 10 days.


4. Heal Your Heart with Intuitive Collage - $25.00 - Meditate on a small ten minute spontaneous collage each morning for 30 days to get in touch with your emotions. All you need is two or three torn or cut-out images, and a word or a phrase. (Daily Om)


5. Symbolic Journeys - $35.00 - Our souls speak in imagery. Understanding what imagery emotionally invokes for you will support you to understand the deeper signs and symbols that spontaneously arise in your expressive art and writing.


6. Healing Difficult Emotions with Expressive Art - $25.00 - Start processing and releasing your difficult emotions through art making and reflective writing. 15 Days of spontaneous drawing and painting prompts, as well as daily writing and healing contemplations.


Module 2: Acceptance


Self-Reflective Writing Series - $27.00 - Daily written journaling for 30 days to release emotional pain and move into a more passionate purposeful life. Course lessons arrive everyday for 30 days. Earn these courses with art HERE!


Collage for Self-Discovery - $25 - $45.00 - This in-depth three month collage course will help you to discover what you do not yet know about yourself through the process of daily self-mirroring through collage. Course lessons arrive once a week for 12 weeks, and include daily collage reflection emails to keep you inspired!


Inner Child Therapy Worksheets - $45.00 - This course in self-love will support you to heal deeply pervasive negative emotional patterns through self-love meditations, and narrative therapy and expressive arts worksheets. Effective for addressing emotional patterns formed in childhood and teenage years. 30 PDF worksheets delivered over 30 days.


100 Days of Art Journal Therapy - $90.00 - $99.00 - (Depending on method of payment.) It takes about 3 months to deeply ingrain a new positive habit. Imagine having an in-depth set of 100 art and journaling processes arriving in your email each day so that you can cleanse your emotional pain and access your higher potentials. Course lessons arrive everyday for 100 days. Earn this course through art HERE!


Module 3: Abundance


Photo Therapy - Free - Ten lessons arrive every third day for 30 days.


Creative Abundance -  $45.00 - Deliberate creation focuses on what you want to create instead of creating your life from unconscious emotional pain patterns from the past. Course lessons arrive every day for 45 days.


A Course in Miracles for Emotional Healing - Sliding Scale - A 365 Day e-course that will support you to see your life from inspiration instead of depression and emotional pain. Available on Daily Om.


* All course fees are in US Dollars



All expressive art and writing e-courses focus on using creative modalities to see, express, understand and heal emotional pain. All courses support a personal exploration of expressive art and writing for emotional wellness.


Learn the therapeutic benefits of all e-courses HERE.