Study and Support Group


When you purchase 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy you can ask to join the "Secret" Facebook Group of the same name. This group is only available to members who have taken the e-course. You are welcome to stay on the group after you are finished the course if you want to mentor others through the course, or want to continue sharing your art journal explorations.


Because we grow best in connection to others, by both sharing honestly, and supporting others based on we have learned in our journey, this group aims to amplify and support your emotional growth through the opportunity to mentor others, and to share honestly with others who are on a similar emotional healing journey.


Email me at with your request to join the group after you purchase the course, and I will invite you in. 


Private Shares will Appear in Your Newsfeed with a "Lock Icon" Beside It


I have done some research to figure out how this happens and why it is still private.


(Note the square icon under my name. This indicates privacy from your friends in your newsfeed - place your arrow over the square and it should say, "Shared with Members of 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy"


This is a High Privacy Support Group


Blogger Paul Boutin describes the difference between different privacy settings on Facebook groups:


"An open group is fully visible to the rest of Facebook. A closed group lets others see that the group exists, but they can’t read its content unless they are added to the group. A secret group lives up to the name: nonmembers won’t be able to find the group at all. Facebook treats it as if it doesn’t exist.

Moreover, Facebook doesn’t let members share status updates from a secret group to their own personal feeds. This prevents someone from accidentally outing you with a click. For all Facebook’s hard-to-follow privacy settings, secret groups are the one place where you can trust that a conversation is being held in confidence."