Instagram Collage Therapy Challenge


1. Create 90 spontaneous collages in 90 days. See How to Create an Intuitive Collage.


2. Photograph your collage and post it on Instagram. If the content of your collage is too personal - photograph a detail of your collage in process.


2. Give each collage a name that best describes the emotional tone of your collage. 


3. Type the name of your collage with the number in front. For example, I called my first-collage-in-process 1-BLUE


4. Post up your collage on Instagram with the hashtag #collageforselfdiscovery


5. Tag or mention me on Instagram in your post @shelleyklammer if you want me to follow your collages.


6. Purchase the e-course Collage for Self-Discovery to support your collage therapy process. (Optional)


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Why would you want to create 90 collages? Many people have created 90 collages in approximately 90 Days and have said how emotionally releasing and cathartic it is. Check out the over 3000 collages created on this challenge on Instagram HERE.


Enjoy and see you on Instagram!


xo Shelley


Inspiration from artist and challenge participant Marianne Greef Burger

Email Support for your Collage Challenge


Did you know that Collage for Self-Discovery is now available in two different formats to suit your financial needs?


1. The Original Course: 12 Lessons for 12 Weeks with Daily Om is available on a sliding fee scale.


2. The Original Course + Daily Inspirational Collage Supplementation: 12 Lessons for 12 weeks - gorgeously presented here on CourseCraft - along with 90 daily inspirational emails for the duration of the course to keep you company on your intuitive collage journey. Comment and share your collages each day in community for $45 on my Educational Platform HERE.

Try a "Flat Lay" Collage!

I have been creating what I have called, "table collages" where I just play with images on my art table without glueing them down. To preserve my arrangements, I photograph them and save them on Instagram. There are many advantages to creating in this casual way. One great thing is you can use the same images over and over again. So, if you are struggling to find imagery for the 90 Day Challenge - try this! Also, consider these sources for finding imagery.


Inspiration for your Collage Process