Creative Abundance

This course will support you to work with your thinking and emotional patterns. It includes daily affirmations to support your creative visions to manifest in the real world.


"This is fantastic Shelley as there's so much valuable info to absorb and process."


~ Patricia Evelyn - Kingston, Jamaica.


I created this course for artists and art facilitators to encourage you to hold onto, build and cherish your creative visions, and to do the inner emotional clearing work required to bring your higher visions into reality.


Manifest Prosperity 


Emotional pain creates a vibration of lack - lack of love, lack of belonging, lack of support, lack of possibility - and these thoughts create blocks to our higher creative visions. 


Moving into higher realms of thought is a journey of courage because it involves the healing of our painful emotions.


This course is designed for artists who want to transition from emotional overwhelm into the higher joy of their creative life visions.


Thoughts combined with positive feelings are a powerful creative force when they are in the higher realms such as love, inspiration, and courage, but if you are struggling with emotional pain - the circumstances of your life will feel lacking in joy and abundance.


This course addresses the emotional side of deliberate creation and abundance. It introduces the 45 Abundance Principles especially for artists to incite deeper emotional healing support than you will find in popular manifestation writings. Each day, I welcome you to consider the Daily Principle, and contemplate your questions for the day in your journal. 


Fostering Emotional Inspiration


We are all born creators, and whether we are creating positively or negatively, we are always creating something. Creating abundance requires a consistent state of uplifted emotional well-being that many people do not understand how to attain.   


In order to positively create what you want, you must heal and integrate trapped emotional pain. This course on deliberate creation will support you to focus on and attain what you want to create instead of creating your life from unconscious emotional pain from the past. 


How to Access Your Visionary Potentials


This 45 day e-course is for creators of all kinds - artists, creative coaches, therapists and facilitators who want to see their creative visions "made real" in the world. This free course will teach you the universal principles of deliberate creation, and provides daily journal questions to transform your mental limitations.


My Gift to You!

This Course Includes:


1.) 45 explanations of the 45 Abundance Principles for Artists.

2.) 45 Journal Writing Contemplations and Daily Affirmations.


Preview the 45 Principles of Abundance for Artists HERE.


In this e-course you will learn how to:


1. See how your painful emotions create your difficult life circumstances.


2. Think in unfamiliar ways so that your life can become more abundant.


3. Learn how to heal and process your emotional pain through art and written journaling.


4. Understand how to become emotionally allowing of good things.


5. Use spontaneous creativity to heal your past, and deliberate creation to heal your present moments and your future.


5. Work within your current circumstances to create higher thoughts that will support emotional freedom and prosperity.


6. Learn how to expand your creativity and abundance instead of recreating past pain patterns.


7. Expand the boundaries of your belief in abundance. 


8. Learn how to hold and enjoy heightened feelings in your body more consistently.


9. Access your visionary potentials and see deeper than your present worries and limitations.


10. Learn how to live in a state of well being and inspiration.

This wonderful course has opened my heart, soul and mind in new and exciting directions where abundance is concerned. I feel as if my spiritual eyes have been opened wider, and I've become more observant of the abundance that is all around me everyday. (including the financial realm, and beyond!)


Before taking this class, I was really struggling financially. My car broke down, and I was without transportation for months. I was overwhelmed by bills, and extra problems kept rolling in that required me to spend money. So I was quite stressed out while taking most of this class, and I often just read the daily lessons and only occasionally completed the deeper work in the linked lessons. I'm thrilled and amazed that in spite of my limited efforts, the class worked its magic on me!


I'm not saying I suddenly experienced a huge financial windfall, but rather, an attitudinal shift that changed my views on abundance. Two weeks into the class, I was able to buy an affordable and dependable car from a friend. I also started keeping track of my spending. When I became more aware of my spending patterns, I quickly became more organized and mature with my income. This all happened in a beautiful, peaceful way, and continues day by day as I make more little shifts toward gratitude and abundance.


I will use one of Shelley's quotes from the class to conclude this testimonial. (for I could go on and on!)


“We can practice reversing mechanical, negative thinking to see how it feels to be expansive. Interrupting negative thought does not have to feed the polarity between pessimism and optimism. It can open us up to a "third" option of possibility, and a window into what it feels like to be expanded beyond our normal limits.”  ~ M.B.

A Conversation About Abundance