Write Image Poems!


In every moment our emotions wants to move in a particular way. Unblocking this movement through imagery and spontaneous words is a simple daily practice that is easy to maintain in the midst of a busy life and provides a respite of daily creative freedom.


"I subscribed to your intuition e-course and have loved it so far. Your way of writing is clear and profound at the same time and I have enjoyed the exercises as well as suggestions. I have always liked writing but hadn’t done so for a long time. I enjoyed it from day 1 and do feel I have reconnected with something inside! I can’t wait to see where this will lead." - M.B Richmond, BC. Canada


In this Ten Day E-Course You Will:


1. Develop emotional awareness through simple daily image poems

2. Break through emotional numbness to get your feelings moving again.

3. Learn how the symbolic language of poetry and imagery can accurately express emotions that you do not yet understand.

4. Release your shadow parts of self through imagery and words.


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE and adore your work. It has deeply changed the way I approach my creative journaling practice and life. ~ A. Selvan. Hyderabad, India


This course will support you to select imagery that feels emotionally strong for you and to write about it spontaneously. In this course you will begin to see what is burbling below your subconscious mind, and learn how to begin to identify what is trying to come up to your conscious mind for emotional healing.


The classes have been amazing and I so appreciate you sharing your words and ideas with the web world!!! Look forward to doing more!" - N.K Melbourne Australia