This course is provides excellent introduction to expressive art as therapy, and writing for honest self-exploration. Simple art exercises such as painting, drawing and collage will support you to reveal hidden truths. And, inquiring questions will invite you to deeply explore, and honestly examine emotional struggles such as worry, fear, frustration, fear, conflict, negativity, heartbreak and addiction.


Becoming aware of how you think, feel and speak is essential for living an empowered life. Spontaneous art is the mirror reflection of your inner world, and it will help you to see the truth about yourself. 


So much of my emotional and psychological healing has come through spontaneous art making. In this course I offer you 15 guided therapeutic art and writing exercises to support you to look more deeply into why you are hurting.


If you are curious about exploring art making as a modality for emotional and psychological healing this course is for you. Each day you will be guided through a spontaneous art exercise, and a healing journal contemplation to help you understand the deeper meaning of your art.


This course is supportive for people who want fresh creative ways ways to heal worry, fear, frustration, fear, conflict, negativity, heartbreak and addiction. Designed as both an introduction to expressive art, and a deep inner exploration of the struggles that hold you back. This e-course offers a way to begin to see your life as your own creation.


Honest creative expression awakens our innate healing abilities by bringing the light of truth into our personal darkness. As we become more aware of our self-defeating beliefs, we can stop hurting ourselves and direct the creative course of our life. 


When I signed up for this course I was feeling very anxious, on the verge of depression, and scared. I knew I needed help and support but didn't know exactly what. This course exceeded my expectations. I cannot believe how quickly and effectively things turned around for me. I learned a lot but the most important thing was trusting the process and ultimately trusting myself and life. Thank-you for giving me these freeing and empowering tools.  ~ T.H. London, UK


"I liked doing the oil pastel and watercolour artworks - they had the effect of freeing me from my very tight, negative thinking that I am currently caught up in."  ~ Fatima G. South Africa


A Year of Expressive Art and Writing

This course is now part of my year long expressive art and writing course.

Supply List

You might want to have the following supplies on hand as this course invites you to play with different art materials.


1. A Sketchbook: 8x10 or larger for creating and writing in. You might want to do your art on the right side, and your writing reflections on the left side.


2. Or: Heavy Card Stock Paper : As an alternative to a sketchbook, you might want to create your expressive art on 8-1/2 x 11 inch card stock and write your thoughts on the back.


2. Collage Materials: Magazines to cut up, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. National Geographic magazines often work well for emotional processing.


3. Oil Pastels: Student grade are fine for the expressive art projects.


4. Coloured Markers: Kids markers work fine, such as Crayola


5. Watercolour Paints: and a brush.


6. Watercolour Pastels: Optional - can use watercolour paints instead.


7. Acrylic or Tempura Paint: 3-6 colours.


8. Wax Crayons: Optional. Can use oil pastels instead.


9. Black Pens: of varying thicknesses for drawing such as Sharpies and ballpoint pens.