Imaginative Journeys - Art Journal Prompts

This class reminds me that everything I see is a springboard for creativity, inspiration and introspection. These daily lessons have helped me to see life through new eyes. I love how the lessons are short and sweet, allowing me to be creative each day to varying degrees, regardless of the amount of spare time I have.   ~ M.B.


Develop Your Imagination


It can feel challenging to create imaginatively without fun and unusual ideas to spark the process. These expressive art and writing exercises will incite you to play, draw, paint, collage, create poetry, experiment, and free associate.


Expect to stretch your imagination in new ways!


This imagination course is appropriate for adults, children and teens.


Each day for 45 days you will receive invitations to:


1. Meditate upon an image "spark." 


2. Free associate - (Choose one word that the daily image may spontaneously suggest to you - without any apparent direct connection.)


3. Create a poem to explore what the image of the day means to you. (For instance: ‘I am this tree. I’m quite a strong tree, and I’m well rooted, but I don’t seem to have many leaves. It’s winter and I’m cold and bare.’ 


4. Explore a themed collage exercise(Explore personal symbolism with daily collage themes. Each day, spontaneously choose magazine pictures from a magazine, cut them out and glue them into your journal with a glue stick.)


5. Explore a themed drawing or painting exercise to express your emotions. (You will receive daily suggestions for intuitive, free-associative and meditative art-making. Suggested materials: watercolor and tempura paints, felt markers, pencil crayons and oil pastels.)


* Choose one or more directives to play with each day.

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"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

~ Henry David Thoreau


45 days of art and writing prompts delivered daily to your email upon purchase:


$29 USD


Benefits of Art and Writing Imagination Practices


“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.” 


~ George Bernard Shaw


- Loosen up your "stuck" thinking.


- Use your mind in new and creative ways.


- Meditate upon how imagery affects your emotions.


- Express what you feel inside.


- Play with imagery and words.


- Bust through creative blocks.


- Become familiar with your own personal symbology.


- Focus on your higher aspirations as a way to heal past pain.