65 Painting Patterns

The Advantages of Painting on Pre-Drawn Art Projects


Providing structured art projects that strike a balance between the relaxing process of painting, and the dignity of painting recognizable imagery without needing drawing skills, is the key to an enjoyable painting experience for people with dementia and other cognitive challenges.


For a person with dementia, staring at a blank piece of paper with no familiar structure can be a daunting experience indeed. Providing pre-drawn projects with easily sophisticated but recognizable imagery allows the spontaneity of colour choices to emerge. I have come to call this effective approach “spontaneity within structure.” 


Art Projects for Cognitively Well Seniors


Beginning senior artists are often shy about creating art. For this reason pre-drawn projects also work well for cognitively well seniors. Many new artists enjoy creating a successful end product without having to develop drawing skills in the latter stages of life. Painting on patterns is a great way to begin creating art in an inviting and relaxing way.


How can painting on pre-drawn patterns foster original and authentic expression? There is still a vast amount of choices available within a pre-drawn project, such as colour and its placement. The pre-drawn painting pattern process invites people to grow slowly within a comfortable structure that gently encourages creative success.


I have noticed that pre-drawn painting projects seem to invoke a great sense of ease, accomplishment and dignity for those with dementia and other cognitive challenges, as well as for cognitively well seniors. I have witnessed longevity of attention and deep concentration using this method.