Spontaneous Creativity Workshops

In 2014, our of collective of artists and art therapists hosted monthly "Pop-Up" spontaneous creativity workshops in Vancouver, Canada.


We provided spontaneous art making opportunities for all ages in various community settings. We supplied a wide range of creative materials such as textiles, collage papers, paint, recycled items, and objects from nature to encourage freedom of self-expression and community connection in the creative process.


We encouraged self-expression and creativity outside of formal art teaching methods, without the requirement of a specific end product. Loose guidelines were provided and spontaneous experimentation was encouraged. Creating together on individual and collective art projects offered a warm and free atmosphere to self-express in community and individually. In contrast to the perception of art as elite and expensive, we offered art as an accessible and natural expressive outlet for all.


Contact: Magpie's Nest Community Art Space to find out about current workshops. Or, join the Facebook Page. Or visit Another Space for studio rentals in Vancouver, Canada.


Mail Art Collage Workshop

Fabric and Upcyled Creations

Nature Creations

Circle Mural Workshop

Block Printing Workshop

Fresh Flower Printmaking Workshop