Prema Malhotra - Abstract Expressive Artist

Abstract Expressive Drawing by Prema Malhotra
Abstract Expressive Drawing by Prema Malhotra



Who are you and what inspires you today?


Relinquished two days after I was born in India, I was adopted into a same-race family into the United States. My inspiration stems from my mother who gave me life to all those who I come into contact with. I am inspired by those who have faced obstacles and are able to overcome them despite whatever that may come in the way.


Please tell me a favorite story about your childhood? What positive life principle did you learn from your parents/caregivers - that still informs your life today?


My dad has always been my inspiration. Having had polio, he has had to overcome a lot of difficulties. My dad has showed me that regardless of one's circumstances, one can achieve their goals and desires with perseverance, hard work, and dedication. He has been my inspiration, positive male role model in my life, as well as someone who is an example of overcoming life's difficulties. 


Drawing by Prema Malhotra
Drawing by Prema Malhotra

Was there anything in your past that caused you pain, struggle or hardship? Share briefly if you feel comfortable.


I was always a shy individual who lacked confidence. From my early teen years, I struggled from depression and anxiety. However, even with my struggle, I have been able to gain insight about my life and have been able to think deeply about many things.



I realize that my pain, struggle, and hardship do not define me as a person but what matters most to me is my ability to overcome such difficulties. I take my struggles and hardships as a learning opportunity to help me grow as a person. 


What is the main thing that you have needed to heal in your lifetime?


As a sexual assault survivor on more than one occasion, the main thing I strive to work on is healing from the sexual abuse that I encountered. I strive to transform my experience to help others in a similar situation. 


What is your greatest strength as a result of that healing?


My greatest strength as a result of my ongoing healing is being able to know that I am a valuable individual. Also, I learned that I deserve to be respected and treated with compassion and understanding just like everyone else. 


Drawing by Prema Malhotra
Drawing by Prema Malhotra


What is your favorite creative healing modality? What makes you feel alive, passionate and whole?


My favorite creative healing modality is being able to do artwork using crayons and colored pencils. I like to draw how I feel when words cannot be enough to express. Most of my artwork is abstract allowing the viewer to come up with their own interpretations.


To be able to use artwork as a source of healing has helped me to express my emotions in a positive and healthy manner. It is amazing for me to reflect on my artwork which might have been done out of sadness or anger and be transformed into something so beautiful as an abstract piece of art. The ability of transforming my pain to something special has made my heart feel alive and whole. 


If the major healing theme of your life had a book or a movie title what would it be called?


My Journey Towards Recovery 

Abstract Expressive Drawing by Prema Malhotra
Abstract Expressive Drawing by Prema Malhotra


How has your past pain informed your life purpose? How do you specifically want to contribute to life?


I have always had a desire to help others in some capacity or another. I like to help others find their inner strength and for them to know they are needed and wanted. 


What famous inspirational quote sums up your life journey?


"A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you." - Joyce Meyer 


"Once you choose hope, anything is possible" - Christopher Reeve 


Please share a personal quote to inspire others on their life journey:


"Our life circumstances, inherited or experienced, does not define who one is. Our resiliency and strength always shines even in times of adversity. Regardless where we go in life, or what we do, one should never forget where they came from and their legacy they wish to leave behind."

About Prema


Born in India, Prema now resides in Illinois, USA. She graduated from Northeastern Illinois University.


In her free time, Prema enjoys learning more about her Indian culture, enjoys walking, and helping others in some capacity. She hopes to one day return back to India specifically to help women and children in some form.  


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