Your Creative Healing Story

Transforming Pain Into Purpose


"Every emotion serves a purpose. It is as if every negative incident you have in your life serves the ego purpose of stopping you and building itself, while the higher mind's goal is that each emotion be used for healing."


~ Chuck Spezzano


Thank-you for offering to share your healing story for the benefit of other people's growth. This online project offers a way to share your creative process with more people in the world by sharing how you have found inspiration and healing through creative practices.


I am grateful to have many people visit my web portals each day. If your story serves and inspires other people's creative growth I will dedicate a page on my website to you with your story, bio and web-site information, as well as share your work on my FB Page Expressive Art Inspirations


My aim in this story series is to illustrate how regular creative practices support us to heal emotionally. Many of us, in some way, have triumphed over struggle, pain and adversity through the process of a creative practice. If you are "in process" of feeling better through your creative practices and projects, I welcome your story too. 


Use the questions as a guide. Feel free to change any of the questions if they do not suit the direction of your story. I am open to creative interpretations. I may edit your story for clarity but will send you your permanent web page on my website for your approval before it is published. Once I receive your written response and approval on the editing, I will mount up your story, along with your web-site/blog/FB links and promote your work on FB and Pinterest. 


Please send one profile pic and 3-4 jpgs of your artwork for the article. You are welcome to follow the exact format of the questions or to present something entirely out of the box. Please do make sure, however, that it reflects the general theme of creative healing from emotional pain to inspired purpose.


Please answer the questions that inspire you on the downloadable word doc below. Send your completed Word doc to me for editing at:


Warm thanks!



The 14 Questions

Your Healing Story – Transforming Pain into Purpose – 14 Questions


I invite you to share your story in a way that is honest, inspiring, and real.


1. Who are you and what inspires you today? 

2. Please tell me a favorite story about your childhood? What positive life principle did you learn from your parents/caregivers - that still informs your life today? 

3. Was there anything in your past that caused you pain, struggle or hardship? Share briefly if you feel comfortable. 

4. If relevant describe a difficult event or circumstance in your childhood, teen or adult years that caused you to "act-out" or "act-in" in a detrimental way. How has your emotional pain been a wake-up call for growth? 

5. What is the main thing that you have needed to heal in your lifetime?

6. What is your greatest strength as a result of that healing?

7. What is your favorite creative healing modality? What makes you feel alive, passionate and whole? 

8. Please describe the details of your creative process and how it has evolved.

9. Describe yourself as whole and healed. Who are you in your essence?

10. If the major healing theme of your life had a book or a movie title what would it be called?

11. How has your past pain informed your life purpose? How do you specifically want to contribute life?

12. What strength-based inspirational advice would you give someone who has similar challenges?

13. What famous inspirational quote sums up your life journey?

14. Create your own quote to inspire others on their life journey.


Download the Questions Here:

14 Questions - Your Healing Story
Your Healing Story-Pain into Purpose.doc
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