Peer Support for Arts Facilitators

Sometimes we need to seek support up the higher ladder of learning, and sometimes we need to help others up to where we are.


And, sometimes we are on the same team, at the same level, and we are just needing to connect, share, and learn through peer connection.


Supportive and Equal Connection


For many who go through academic systems, the support system is built-in through supervision. Yet, many of us are originating and facilitating expressive arts, spiritual arts and creative classes outside of structured academic systems.


Many of us are creating programs that are breaking free of old hierarchical paradigms of teaching and learning, and we are often operating solo with our intuition as our only guide.


This fee-based service is for people who are establishing creative teaching or healing systems, and would like to share in a Skype group with supportive and equal peers. This space is also for Canadian therapists who would like to apply this group work to their yearly supervision hours.


If you love learning and teaching from life experience, and you often use intuitive guidance as your "learning structure," and you are in the process of designing programs that do not always seem to "fit" into existing social paradigms, this peer connection service is for you.


Originating Creative Healing Programs


Our life experiences birth unique competencies that do not always fit into existing structures.


I am registered as an Educator through the International Expressive Arts Association. 


Paradigms are changing, and standardized higher education may not always align with what what we prefer to learn, can access or afford. As the world makes the feminine shift towards deeply honouring talent, wisdom and competency, we can create new systems of equalized, non-hierarchical, respectful peer connection.


In this gathering you can expect to:


~ Speak from within your life-earned wisdom and be respected for it.

~ Share as an equal and be witnessed and celebrated for your unique creative offering.

~ Enjoy peer connection and the generous sharing of experience and insight to support your expressive arts facilitation. 


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Purchase Your Peer Connection Session

Peer Connection


For those of us who love to originate our own creative healing structures, we are often leading, facilitating and creating alone. You could think of this service as a co-sharing of embodied wisdom with two or more others.


Fee is $55.00 CAD per one hour group session of 3-4 facilitators. Please pre-purchase your "Peer Connection" session one day prior to your group session:


$55 CAD - 1 Session



Purchase entire bundle of four support sessions for $195 - a savings of $25 dollars.


 $195 CAD - 4 Sessions:


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Peer Connection for Expressive Arts Facilitators. Share photos and stories of your art program initiatives. Ask questions about facilitating arts and creative expression groups.


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Group Guidelines


Small Group Peer Connection


1. 90 minute group sessions of 3-4 people (including myself) meet on the phone, via Skype to share and learn how to creative facilitation skills.


2. Members share ideas, questions, triumphs and struggles in the the process of building creative facilitation practices.


3. Each member will get a turn to share. This includes preparing a small verbal presentation about your business, your questions and "moving forward" conundrums.


4. The other members of the group offer feedback, experience and wisdom to each person's questions and concerns.


Sharing and Learning Structure


Beginning: Each person, one-by-one, talks briefly about their business/facilitation goals.


Middle: Each person shares any number of issues, complications, questions and concerns about his or her own facilitation/teaching business. The rest of the members then respond and contribute to the discussion by offering suggestions or comments based on their knowledge and experience. 


End: Each person, one-by-one, talks briefly about the goals that they want to accomplish by the next meeting. 




1. Talk through how to solve any problems you may be encountering in your creative business.


2. Get new ideas that you may have never thought of to improve what you’re doing.


3. Obtain various opinions about decisions you could make with your facilitation/teaching practice. Step back and see your business through other people's eyes. 


4. Share your goals with others to deepen accountability and the motivation to see them through.