The principle intention for this group is to provide a private "art facilitator's lounge" where we can support one another peer-to-peer. Join for free HERE.


My name is Shelley Klammer. I am a REACE (Registered Expressive Art Consultant and Educator) with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and I am an avid encourager of Expressive Arts Facilitators of all backgrounds and walks of life. 


I created this Facebook support group to facilitate the encouragement and cross-pollination of peers from all stages and backgrounds of practice in expressive arts facilitation.


No Self-Promotion or Teaching

This is a peer sharing support group. This is not a group for student/client recruitment for your own business. Please do not advertise or teach about your arts, therapy, conference and coaching programs to members in our main support group feed. All self-promotional posts will not be approved.


Please contain all business advertisements, free and paid self-promotional materials, FB Pages, within relevant conversation threads, and on the monthly bulletin board. 



Designation Debates

This not a forum for designation debates and competency questioning. All comments of this nature will be removed.


Group Support for Your Arts Facilitation Practice

This peer learning group is for expressive arts facilitators of all backgrounds and experiences. I warmly invite arts facilitators to share knowledge and experiences in a way that is encouraging and inclusive.




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