Facebook Support Group Guidelines


Group Purpose:


The purpose of this group is to encourage confidence in expressive arts facilitation practices. All posts that are in alignment with this core purpose are welcome.




Ten years ago, as an artist in health care, I started facilitating expressive art groups intuitively. I earned my designations much later. I would have loved a support group such as this, as I often felt alone in my questions.


This is a support group for the encouragement and cross-pollination of peers from all stages of practice in expressive arts facilitation. 


This is peer learning group is for expressive arts facilitators of all backgrounds and experience. I warmly invite intuitively-led and formally educated arts facilitators to share knowledge and experiences in a way that is encouraging and inclusive.


Please Introduce Yourself!


As means of introduction, please personally share a personal note about your facilitation process or style, along with your general website address. Please do not use your introduction as a way to advertise or market your specific courses or services to the group.


Contributing vs. Selling: After your introduction, I invite you to participate in the daily conversations, and continue to share your art programs, services and links as they relate and contribute to group learning in the conversation threads. In order to not over-represent one facilitation/therapy school or service, all stand-alone advertisements for courses and services will be removed.


Monthly Expressive Arts Bulletin Board: You are welcome to share your upcoming trainings, workshops and online courses on the monthly bulletin board in the comments section as much as you like.


Monday Shares


If you would like your service, website or FB Page to be featured on the "Monday Shares" please email me your website link at shelley@expressiveartworkshops.com 


If you don't send me a personal request, please know that I am enjoying your participation, and will likely be featuring your work in an upcoming Monday feature.


You can see a frequently updated list of the Monday Shares HERE


Please facilitate our group learning process by posting:


1. Photos of your arts programs (with your participant's permission) and arts directives along with a few words about your facilitation process.


2. Questions to the group about how to better facilitate your art program.


3. Inspiring quotes and articles that support and encourage the facilitation of the expressive arts.


4. Personal sharing of your own expressive art, materials and process so that others can enrich their facilitation practice with your modality.


5. The process of how you market, name and structure your workshops.


6. Books, videos and learning opportunity recommendations as related to the enrichment of your arts facilitation practice.


7. Support related to facilitation ethics, group safety, group dynamics, confidentiality etc. 


8. Celebrations of your creative successes and wins related to your expressive arts facilitation!


* Please note this support group provides the opportunity to discuss and share your arts programs for peer learning and enrichment - not to direct-sell your programs, courses or art to the group. After your initial introduction, please share your trainings and recommendations only as they relate and contribute to a conversation thread.


* Please share posts only related to expressive arts facilitation.

Differences Between Expressive Arts Facilitation and Art Therapy

I welcome all practitioners - therapists and non-therapists - to respectfully share knowledge and insights on their expressive arts facilitation practice. For more answers to your questions please read my blog post called Differences Between Expressive Arts Facilitation and Art Therapy. Click HERE to read. 

My Intuitive Path Into Expressive Arts Facilitation

In the spirit of friendship, I share my intuitive approach to expressive arts facilitation, with thanks to group member artist/facilitator Addie Hirschten for inviting me to speak on her wonderful podcast! Listen HERE.


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This is a support group for the encouragement and cross-pollination of peers from all stages of practice in expressive arts facilitation.