Peer Support Guidelines

Peer Group Guidelines and Expectations


In order for all four of our Peer Support Sessions to flow with warmth, comfort and care, I ask you to review the following group guidelines.


1. Maintain Confidentiality: Please commit to keeping everything

discussed in our group private. This means not sharing or talking about the other members or their experiences, including any identifying information. You are, however, encouraged to speak about your personal experiences in group (for example feedback you received) with people you feel close to without revealing names.


2. Commitment to Attendance: When you commit to joining a peer support group, your spot is reserved for all four consecutive sessions. Since each group only accepts four

members, the group recognizes and misses each other when someone is not present. It

is important that you are able to attend every session, come on time, and stay the entire

length of the group. 


The group process becomes interrupted when there is irregular attendance, or when people are coming late or leaving early. Each session is one hour long and will be held once a month for four months. Each session fee is $55 dollars. If you buy the bundle of four session up front, the fee is $195 CAD, a savings of $25.


If you are aware that you will be missing a group session, please inform me, and if

possible, tell your group the week prior in a group email. Please try your best to schedule your calendar in order to attend all four sessions.


5. Group Session Topics: Unless otherwise indicated the four session topics are as follows:


Session 1: Demographics


1. What demographic do you serve, or want to serve?

2. What do you love about your demographic, and what motivates you to work with this population?

3. What are your unique gifts in this area of service? Please explain.

4. What in your personal life experience directly qualifies you to facilitate for this population?

5. Open discussion, feedback and questions.


Session 2: Facilitation Style


1. What is your facilitation style? Do you work in groups or individually? Could you share a particular expressive arts directive that you love to implement?

3. What informs your arts facilitation style? Do you self-study and how? What books do you read? Who do you study with?

4. What is your greatest curiosity as it relates to arts facilitation right now? What do you most want to learn? 

5. Open discussion, feedback and questions.


Session 3: Future Vision


1. Please share your vision for the future of your art facilitation practice. 

2. Does this future vision incur any doubts as to "how" this will be materialized? What is one of your doubts?

3. How to you most want to grow as facilitator of the expressive arts?

4. What is one step you could take towards this growth?

5. Open discussion, feedback and questions.


Session 4: Marketing and Manifestation


1. How do you currently market your work with others?

2. What is your biggest conundrum around visibility and sharing your work with others?

3. What is your best marketing tip for your facilitation business.

4. Please share a "manifestation tip" with the group. What strengths, passions or insights have you drawn upon in the past in order to create something wonderful in your life?

5. Open discussion, feedback and questions.


5. Role of Leader and Members: The role of the group leader is to facilitate equal sharing time amongst group members. This may include sharing observations, providing feedback and support, creating a safe atmosphere, and finding a balance so all members have the time to participate. 


My aim is to support your courage, confidence, and skills as an arts facilitator. You are encouraged to offer feedback on my leadership, and ask me any facilitation questions you feel are relevant to the group sharing topic. 


Group members are asked to commit to actively participating, prepping for each group session topic, remembering and working within your group theme each session, and following the guidelines above.

Download Your Guidelines

Peer Group Guidelines.pdf
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