Competency Self-Assessment

Competencies for Counsellor Regulation.


In the interest of supporting you to grow into these competencies, and more deeply familiarize yourself with them, I invite you to evaluate yourself prior to beginning our supervision sessions, and to again complete this form at the end of your 10 sessions for the year.


Please utilize this form to self-assess as a way of understanding the core competencies. I will not rate your competency to any outside governing body. I invite you to honestly share where you would like to grow, celebrate where you are doing well, and pinpoint where you need to round out your learning through this confidential form so that we can nourish your competency in your supervision series.


Rating Scale:


5 = Clearly Outstanding

4 = Exceed Standard

3 = Meet Standard

2 = Below Expectation

1 = Unsatisfactory

NA = Not Applicable


In order to deepen your understanding of the competencies, I invite your to rate yourself on the rating scale first, and then share a bit of your personal experience in each area of competency in the form below. Please note that I offer suggestions for sharing to offer you a direct experience of the core competencies - but feel free to be creative with your answers.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.