Be Decisive

HEALING COLLAGE Week 8: Decisive

“The cure for most obstacles is – be decisive.”

― George Weinberg, Psychologist


The Decision To Grow Forward

Hello Dear One!


The cure for most obstacles is to be decisive. While the nervous system will regularly bring up your unhealed past for love and reconciliation, being decisive about how to move forward is also a profound way to emotionally heal.


This is why I am so decisively dedicated to creative practices. Spontaneous creative practices are like "release valves" for repressed emotions, providing a way to stretch beyond the box of societal conditioning.


For example, I like to create a quick intuitive drawing in the morning as a way to clear my mind and emotions before starting my working day.


Intuitive drawing helps me to see what is on the edge of my normal ways of knowing. Exploring the unfamiliar through intuitive creativity regularly stretches me beyond the boundaries of my conditioned limitations and provides a way for me to see my highest possibilities.


With so much love,


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