Wisdom of the Body


"You can invite the bodily felt sense of a situation to form, describe it, and allow it to unfold. Because your body knows you, that unfolding carries meaning for your life.   ~ Beatrice Blake


The Wisdom of the Body

Hello Dear One!


If you have been delving into my work for a long-time, you might know that I personally practice a modality called "Focusing" I have written many articles about how I spend time each day listening into my body for my next "growth edge." This is my way of listening to my body's wisdom.


Focusing is my structured way of going into my body, with my journal or sketchbook in hand. There are long ways and short ways to wind into this body-wisdom practice, and these days, I keep it to a short ten-minute written journaling practice.


A couple of years ago, however, I did a longer daily practice that included drawing a mandala from my body's wisdom. You can read about my process here: Intuitive Mandalas and Focusing.


How do you listen to your body's wisdom?


With so much love,