Writing Yourself Well


Often, we hide our truest feelings from our families and friends out of the fear of loss of love, or because we felt shamed or rejected in the past.


Wherever we have not been able to express authentically in the past will be a stuck place where we habitually continue to reject, repress, and even punish inside of ourselves. 


It is often easier at first, to write rather than speak about what we reject inside. Witnessed writing starts to move the stuck places in your mind and body, and invites the possibility of accepting yourself through the process of your own courageous sharing. Through honest sharing, in a safe way that honors both the light and the dark inside of you, it is possible to create a new experience of self-acceptance within.


Practicing Radical Honesty


E-mail sharing is a way to heal many forms of emotional repression - creative, emotional, physical, sexual or relational in the safe quiet space of your own home. Sharing more intimately than you are used to, with yourself first, and then with me within a sacred space of love and trust, can help heal limited emotional and mental conditioning in an atmosphere of safety and quietude. Honest sharing, with a trusted other, makes the uncomfortable - comfortable, over time.


Creative people can heal emotional pain, depression/repression, and practice self-acceptance through the process of writing, drawing, painting or collaging what feels frightening or "forbidden". Receiving questions and feedback for your creative process helps to deepen self-reflection to amplify your understanding and self-acceptance.


You could think of e-mail support as an interactive, connected, and witnessed journaling process that promotes more self-honesty and accountability about all parts of yourself to a trusted other. If you enjoy processing and sharing your life through art or writing, e-mail sharing may be a good option for your emotional healing.




Usually there is an internal pressure about what needs to be expressed first. Start sensing into what hurts. Keep your focus on what you are most struggling with, and lean towards what you do not yet know about yourself as you write. Allow your writing to reveal something you are aching to understand.


Usually there will be one main thing that is burning inside of you that "needs" to be shared first. Try to focus on one key emotional  issue  - in each writing session. If this emotional pain has other problems branching off of it, include how they are affecting your life.


I offer a wide variety of writing exercises to support you to express yourself. Please contact me if you are feeling stuck with your first submission.


Unburdening Secrets


The writing process allows you to get used to sharing what has until now been hidden from other people. I encourage you to write until you feel a sense of release, completion and unburdening. This may involve spontaneous free-form writing, or you may re-read and re-write your submission several times to really integrate some of the discomfort before you send your writing.


Our work together will include in-depth questions about the patterns of your thoughts, and feedback on how your writing may be pointing you in a healing direction. Intimacy with your most ostracized parts of self will be encouraged. The results of your email sharing should feel liberating.


I will guide you to understand your inner landscape by pointing out the patterns of your own thinking and creating. We will focus on where you feel shrouded or unknown to yourself, and how it is causing you emotional pain.  We will also look at where you resist self-acceptance. 


Art and Creative Work


Please photograph your collages, paintings, drawings or art journal pages and submit them in a word doc along with writings about your personal impressions of your creative work. Art and writing submission Ideas are HERE.


For 1-90 minute writing session submit 5-6 art pieces per submission.

For 2-45 minute writing sessions submit 3-4 art pieces per submission.

For 3-30 minute writing sessions submit 1-2 art pieces per submission.


I look forward to corresponding with you about the deeper symbolism of your creative work.


Purchase Your Email Session: 1.5 Hours


$100 USD - Thank-you for paying for your session along with your e-mail submission.  You can submit one 90 minute writing session 2 - 45 minute or 3 - 30 minute sessions, and I will answer in kind.


I look forward to reading and contemplating your creative work and supporting you clarify what your creative process is communicating to you. I will typically get back to you within 1 week after your submission.



To start the email therapy I invite you to fill out a self-assessment, and then I offer personalized writing and art exercises from there.


To start, please pre-pay for your session on this page, and then fill out your Self-Assessment HERE


Typically I will send you your first set of questions and creative exercises for exploration based on how you assess your emotional and social life at this time. For your session fee, we can have one very long deep exchange where we each spend an hour and a half writing each other once.


Or, you can choose 2 exchanges at 45 minutes each or 3 exchanges for that same fee at 30 minutes each. The sessions are more closely timed on my end - you can take your time to contemplate your responses. That is the beauty of email therapy. It give you plenty of time to think and feel!


I typically take 2-3 business days to get back to you with my questions and explorations for 30 minute sessions - and for 90 minute sessions, I will take up to a week. You can take as long as you like to answer back to me. There is no rush. Take your time to deeply explore your inner world.