This daily e-course will support you to express and process your emotions through in-depth art and writing prompts. This e-course has an optional private online peer support group, and comprehensively offers 100 days of art and writing directives to support you to move through deep pockets of emotional pain in a safely paced, wise and creative way.


A Daily E-Course to Support Emotional Release Through Art and Writing 


It is possible to live your life with inspiration instead of emotional pain? This in-depth daily e-course will support you to heal emotionally through the daily "symbol release" of spontaneous imagery paired with in-depth writing prompts.  


With 100 consecutive daily emails you will receive daily art and writing directives: See the Art Journal Therapy Index for a sneak peeks of all 100 prompts.


Traditional therapy can fail to address our deepest dilemmas when it does not access our visionary potentials. To heal the deepest roots emotional pain we need to gain access to the encouraging imagery that arises from our creative unconscious mind.


Our connection to our authenticity comes through our innate spontaneity. And, your spontaneous strength can be practiced through the daily art and writing prompts in this comprehensive e-course.  

Quick Facts: Art making processes include intuitive drawing and painting, spontaneous collage, zen doodling for self-exploration, altered book making, found poetry, word play, exploratory writing exercises and so much more. 


This course is an in-depth exploratory adventure for artists wanting to experience self-led expressive art and narrative therapy and includes an optional private Facebook support group.


Understanding Why You are Hurting


"I am blown away by the course so far. After only 4 days, I already feel like I have grown leaps and bounds. Not only am I learning about myself, but I am also learning new therapeutic techniques that are expanding my mind and soul...


The first day, I thought: "A letter to my pain? Ugg, I don't want to do that..." But I decided that my strong negative feelings meant that I should at least try it. The resulting letter was so beautiful, it was as if someone else wrote it.


But the most amazing thing was that many of the aches and pains I was carrying around disappeared after I took the time to lovingly notice them and ask them what they needed to feel comforted."   ~ M.B.


You are the Change


Because popular psychology often works only to heal the conscious cognitive mind, it does not always address the deeper issues of disconnection from our authentic nature. The simple fact is: we are both human and spiritual.


In this split, we suffer psychologically and emotionally. Yet, we all can find access to the unconscious wellspring of symbolic imagery that will show us how we uniquely need to heal, and how to live towards our highest potentials.  


Healing the Deep Roots of Emotional Pain


"I’m loving this course. I see it as a facilitated journey into one’s self to help navigate unfamiliar territory.  I’ve been in face-to-face therapy with a clinical psychologist for 3 years and believe that a weeks worth of this self-guided art journal therapy is worth more than 3 months of face-to-face.  The beauty of this is that is truly between you and yourself.  It teaches skills, it provokes thinking, it activates intuition, facilitates mind exploration and is free of external influence/judgment."   ~ J.K.


100 Days of Art Journal Therapy is the most original and comprehensive program available of its kind on the internet, categorized for easy reference in the Art Journal Therapy Healing Index.


If you are new to my work, I can share with you that I have maintained a daily spontaneous creative practice for over 20 years - that has been dedicated to my emotional healing. I am a professional artist, turned expressive artist/facilitator, turned counselling therapist who has struggled with my own fair share of emotional pain.


Through my own daily spontaneous creative practices, I was able to work through much inner density and emotional "stuckness" to find my visionary capacities. 


This E-Course is For: 


1. Art journalers who want to take their creative practice into realms of deeper psychological and intuitive understanding.

2. Creative and spiritually sensitive people who fight depression and struggle with daily or cyclical emotional pain.

3. Practical people who feel stuck in the same boring, uninspired ways of doing things, and long to develop spontaneity in order to gain higher insight.

4. Anyone who wants to explore an in-depth creative path to personal development and emotional healing.

5. Art facilitators and therapists who want to practice self-care and learn expressive art and writing practices experientially.


"I find your work to be a veritable gold mine for both personal and professional development!"


- Melissa Layer - Therapist


Practice the Daily Habit of Creative Spontaneity for 100 Days


Envision being able to access creative, indexed methods of spontaneous and creative self-healing  - whenever you need them - for years to come.


Purchase 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy

You can pay for 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy in one of two ways:


A One Time Payment of $90 USD:



Or by three monthly subscription payments of $33 USD totalling $99 USD:




I just want to say thank you. I bought the 100 days of art journal therapy and it opened my eyes on many things. I can't find the words to express my gratitude to you for the amazing work you put together.  ~ Paola


Course Format:


Your e-course should arrive automatically right after you pay - one lesson everyday for 100 days. Each email arrives as personally delivered daily lesson that you can keep in an email folder or print them out for your records.


Please note: There is no consolidated PDF available for this course. This course is designed to be an organic, nurturing, unfolding art journal process that is paced for the gradual release of emotional pain. This course is delivered in 100 daily instalments via email. 


I recommend that you designate an email folder for your 100 Days so that you can refer back to your lessons when you need them via the Art Journal Therapy Index.


If you do not receive your first lesson within one day, please write me at: and I will manually send it to you.


Disclaimer: The broad scope of information in this e-course is not a substitute for personal professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content provided by Shelley Klammer is intended as an e-course is for self-directed learning only. Never disregard professional medical or psychological advice or delay seeking treatment because of something you find in this e-course. 


Supply List

1. A Sketchbook: 8x10 or larger for creating and writing in. You might want to do your art on the right side, and your writing reflections on the left side.


2. Or: Heavy Card Stock Paper : As an alternative to a sketchbook, you might want to create your expressive art on 8-1/2 x 11 inch card stock and write your thoughts on the back.


2. Collage Materials: Magazines to cut up, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. National Geographic magazines often work well for emotional processing.


3. Oil Pastels: Student grade are fine for the expressive art projects.


4. Coloured Markers: Kid's markers work fine, such as Crayola. 


5. Watercolour Paints: and a brush.


6. Watercolour Pastels: Optional - can use watercolour paints instead.


7. Acrylic or Tempura Paints: 3-6 colours.


8. Wax Crayons: Optional. Can use oil pastels instead.


9. Black Pens: of varying thicknesses for drawing such as Sharpies and ballpoint pens.

Private Online Support Group

Mentoring, Sharing, and Supporting


In the interest of your emotional support, and your growing ability to mentor others though terrain you have traveled by experientially "doing the work," you are welcome to participate in a private FB group for peer mentorship, the sharing of expressive art and insight, with other members of the course. I check in every few days to answer your questions and offer support and feedback.


You are welcome to stay on the Facebook Group well past your 100 Days if you have an interest in continued creative sharing and/or mentoring others through the course. The FB group is an equal, loving, supportive environment for all to feel safe to share, and be seen and heard in the painful places - as well as to practice therapeutic mentorship skills.


Please feel free to post up your art and experiences with the lessons on the support group. I check in regularly to support your group sharing process. Make sure you read more about Facebook Secret Groups before you share so that you feel comfortable.


Please note: Due to the nature of the sharing, the support group is presently open for women only.



 This 100 day art journaling program is for you...


- If you are deeply drawn to all things creative and would love to use creative practices to emotionally heal yourself but you have not found deep enough tools to access emotional release and higher inspiration.


- If you regularly feel anxiety or an emotional heaviness that you cannot logically understand.


- If you would love to feel creatively free but something holds you back from expressing yourself honestly in the world.


- If you know you have self-limiting beliefs that plague you, yet years of saying affirmations have been powerless to shift them.


- If you work hard to stay positive but you are surrounded with repetitive negative experiences, and you do not fully understand how you are participating in these patterns.


- If you are struggling with abundance and money issues because so much of your life energy is spent trying to manage your emotional pain.


- You have a spiritual, creative or professional side that you show to the world but in your private life you are struggling with difficult emotions that you cannot seem to heal.


- If you would love to add the dimension of creativity to your coaching, therapy or consulting work with your clients but you do not feel confident because you have not yet lived, practiced and experienced the creative process from the "inside-out."


- If you are willing to take daily action to improve your life - you just want to figure out what the right action is. You wish there was someone who could mentor and explain the creative healing process to you so that can do your emotional healing work with joy, structure, discipline, and direction. 


- If you want to feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically free of pain and limitation. You want to explore spontaneous creativity, and all of the surprising new healing directions that it brings.