30 Day Expressive Drawing Challenges

Drawing Expressively for 30 Days


Over and over again, in my teaching and therapeutic work, people express being surprised and in awe about the personal insights that come up during a period of extended spontaneous self-expression.


Build Your Creative Muscle - A Self-Directed Challenge


30 Day Self-Directed Expressive Art Challenges offer you a chance to try a modality of expressive drawing. Dedicating 15-30 minutes day will enough give you time to re-discover your spontaneity and begin to discover your authentic drawing style. Try intuitive drawings, inner child drawing, or mandalas.


All three challenges are self-directed - they just require your inner commitment to show up on the page everyday with a few drawing materials. Buy yourself a sketchbook that you will dedicate to your chosen creative commitment, and choose a modality to explore for 30 days. 


My hope for you is that after your 30 day creative commitment you carry on to fill an entire book expressive drawings.


Who would you be? What would you find out about yourself? What would have shifted within you?


Be Rewarded for Your Daily Drawing Practice


Earn you own e-courses by expressively drawing daily for 30 Days in a row! When you complete your 30 days, write me at shelley@expressiveartworkshops.com and I will "pay" you for efforts.


Send me 3 to 4 sentences about what you found about about yourself in your drawing process, along with 1-3 images of your drawings, I will send you a journal writing e-course free of charge.


30 Intuitive Drawings - Earn the E-Course - 30 Days of Inspired Creativity

30 Inner Child Drawings - Earn the E-Course - 30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression

30 Mandalas - Earn the E-Course - 30 Days of Passion and Purpose