Dive Deep - Expressive Art Journal Course


One great way to heal emotional pain for good is to intently focus on a specific aspect of self that needs to heal for a dedicated period of time.


In this course you will learn how to:


DECIDE upon the aspect of yourself that most needs to emotionally heal right now.


DEDICATE a journal and a period of time to deepen into your emotional healing.


DEVOTE yourself to the daily practice of loving what you need to emotionally heal.


I warmly invite you to Decide, Dedicate and Devote yourself to your emotional healing process through this focused writing and art journaling course!


This course is delivered in a webinar format.  This course does not offer specific art directives for processing emotional pain. This is a course on how to release emotional pain through a focused expressive journaling practice based on an intimate "walk-through" of my own personal expressive journals.


For specific art journal and writing therapy directives see 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy.



Shelley is a counsellor, expressive artist, and dedicated journaler of 35 years. Shelley teaches online art and narrative journal therapy courses worldwide, and has a strength for supporting people to emotionally heal through deep and accessible expressive art and writing practices.


Coming May 1, 2017



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"Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are." - John Mclaughlin


Regular creative action shakes up and dislodges the conditioned limited beliefs that we have repeated over our lifetime. These stagnant, non-useful thoughts create emotional pain.


Even brief actions of spontaneous self-expression each day will create a new and inspiring life over time. A dedicated journaling practice only asks that we show up each day to create something new. When we let what is “new” inform us, we become who we are meant to be!


PDF booklet coming soon!