Remix ThisTop 50 Art Therapy Blogs

"Art is a wound turned into light."

~ Georges Braque

Many years ago I inherited this list called "Top Art Therapy Blogs."

I regularly effort to keep up this list by clearing out defunct links and non-updated blogs to feature the freshest writings about art therapy, the expressive arts, and the healing arts on the internet today. 

If you want to know more about how art can help you to heal, I invite you to read the free blogs listed below. 

Warm regards, 

Shelley Klammer 


Art Therapy & Expressive Arts Blogs

The following blogs offer general information about art therapy, and the expressive arts as well as links to books and articles you can read to find out more.

1. Psychology Today: The Healing Arts: Cathy Malchiodi posts topics about advocacy, art therapy intervention ideas, and more. 

2. Dancing Mindfulness Expressive ArtsJamie Marich is a dancer, musician, performer, writer, clinical counsellor, and registered expressive arts therapist. Her ultimate mission: bringing the art and joy of healing to others.

3. Art Therapy: If you want to find out the basics of this practice, as well as find books, ideas, and other resources, this is the blog to check out.

4. Expressive Art InspirationsCounselor and expressive arts educator Shelley Klammer shares personal examples of creative practices for the healing of emotional pain through expressive art. 

5. Colors of Play: This blog provides creative art and play therapy for children, adolescents and young adults with special needs, autistic spectrum disorders, behavioural problems, and children coping with loss & bereavement and emotional & traumatic issues.

6. Art of Life with Mairead: This transpersonal art therapist writes about mental health research, community awareness, music, movement, art, and comedy.

7. Art Therapy Resources: Provides art therapy and business resources for those in the mental health field.

8. The Painting Experience: This blog's contributors are educators, counselors, artists, activists, meditators and mavericks.

9. Mullumbimby Art TherapyThis Creative Arts Therapist has fused her passion, interests and life experiences into her own unique approach to ar therapy.

10. Emma CameronEmma blogs about creativity, dealing with anxiety, stress and overwhelm, art therapy, HSP's and healing from trauma.

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Blogs That Offer Creative Healing Ideas

11. Healing CreationsExplore the drawing of mandalas or gazing at them as a meditation to become connected to the infinite nature both within and without.

12. Dara DinesDara has developed a process called “Spirit Dolls with a Story”. This is a gentle, intuitive process that frees up your creativity and allows you to experience a relationship with your creation and yourself.

13. Melanie Rivers: With 20 years of experience working in the Indigenous health field and in curriculum design and instruction, Melanie carefully designs art lessons that will guide you step by step through the creative process.

14. Creative Juices Arts: Artist Chris Zydel is a transformational teacher and creativity mentor supporting you to find your way back to your creativity. 

15. KinderArt: If you are curious about exploring age-appropriate art activities for kids in art therapy, check out this blog.

16. Hali Karla ArtsHali Karla is a contemplative artist, teacher and creative-soul-caregiver who is passionate about helping others cultivate holistic perspective and creative practice.

Blogs from Organizations

Some professional organizations offer blogs on their website. These can provide you with links to resources.

17. Expressive Arts Florida: Expressive Arts Florida Institute is founded on the firm belief in the positive power of creativity, in every person and in the world.

18. NW Creative and Expressive Arts Institute: Offers posts about critical issues in psychotherapy and mental health through the lens of Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy.

19. Psychology Arts: Explore blog posts by art therapists, music therapists, dance therapists and psychodramatists.

20. Dance Movement Therapy: Enjoy a collection of movement therapy articles and videos from various practitioners.

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Blogs by Art Therapists and Expressive Arts Facilitators

If you are interested in getting to know more about art therapy, let the experts themselves teach you. Blogs by art therapists often provide new ideas, unique perspectives, and educational videos.

21. Jade Herriman: Jade is a creative business owner, art therapist, artist and certified life coach.

22. Kassi MartinWith a  life long love of art making, Kassi brings a background in Counselling & Creative Therapy into her personal and professional practice.

23. Adventures in Art Therapy: This blog teaches readers the power of art therapy and also tells stories about successful interventions. 

24. Expressive Arts Burlington: Topaz Weis is a Registered Expressive Arts Facilitator, Consultant, artist, dancer, astrologer and mother. She works with individual clients and groups engaging their imagination.

25. ArtLight Therapy and Studios: Counselor Joni Becker offers a path to healing through creativity.

26. Chrissy Foreman: This artist shares her learning and creative approaches in her journey through her Art Therapy training.

27. Diana Sabados: This art therapist shares about the intersection of inner family systems therapy with art therapy on her blog.

28. Mindful Art Studio: Amy Maricle works with people from all over the world who want a creative outlet for stress relief, and artists who want to learn to be more playful, authentic, and insight-oriented in their art making. 

29. Art Lab: Art Lab Rx travels to clinics, recovery centers, churches, schools and community centers in “Maggie,” their mobile Art Lab. Maggie is a self-contained art therapy studio on wheels.

30. Integrative Art Therapy: Art Therapists with an emphasis in the expressive arts, help people reconnect with parts of themselves previously disowned, forgotten or undiscovered.

31. Leah Guzman: is an art therapist who supports creatives by connecting mind, body and soul through the art-making process.

32. Art Therapy Spot: This comprehensive blog by art therapist Sara Roizen offers a wide variety of art therapy directives and examples.

33. Bodhi Simpson: Art therapist and counsellor, Bodhi encompasses an integrative approach combining creative arts therapies, positive psychology, energy psychology, transpersonal & spiritual psychology, mindfulness, and guided visualization.

34. Petrea Hanson-Adamidis: This art therapist specializes in children's mental health using the modalities of puppet-making, therapeutic stories and guided meditations.

35. Creativity in Therapy: Carolyn Mehlomakulu is an art therapist and psychotherapist who shares her creative resources with other mental health professionals in her blog.

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Blogs about Art and Healing

If you want to find out firsthand how art can help you to heal, reading a blog about firsthand experiences can help tremendously. 

36. Sheri Gaynor: Sheri is an artist, author, and transformational life coach, weaving the alchemy of creativity and the wisdom of horses.

37. Intuitive Flow: Art therapist Giora Carmi uses art therapy to heal from chronic nerve pain. He shares his own personal experiences of intuitive art-making on his blog. 

38. Sundrip - Art for Life: This blog brings together art therapy for mental health and art associated with the difficulties of Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

39. Tess Wyatt: Tess is an artist/teacher livening in Edinburgh. She enjoys mixed media art journalling for self-care.

40. Art Stories: This blog by art therapist Girija Kaimal offers short illustrated stories on self-expression, creativity and learning.

41. Laura HollickThis transformational performance artist shares her healing and teaching process through creative photography and expressive art.

42. Chrissie Richards: Chrissie is largely a self-taught artist who communicates her feelings and experiences through painting.

43. Cheryle BannonCheryle is a spiritual intuitive artist, teacher, and mentor. Her art is all about feminine inspiration, spirit guides and connection.

44. The Art Prescription: Registered nurse and artist Beverly Dyer offers a daily dose of art and haiku. 

45. Amanda GraceAmanda creates art for personal excavation, insight, empowerment and evolution.

46. Kaleidosoul: Ann Marie Bennett uses soul collage as a personal practice and is a teacher of the process as well.

47. ArtlysingHonorata is an artist, art journal adventurer, art listener and convention shaker, pouring the inner self, soul and heart onto pages of journals, canvases and many different mixed media forms.

48. Art'iculate Art Therapy: Felicitas is an art therapist with a private practice in Canada. She is also a Roman Catholic Nun.

49. Creative Therapy in Nature: Transpersonal art therapist Louise Chalmers combines creative processes and nature for healing.

50. Orange Spiral ArtsBriana's mission is to inspire creativity in others.