I invite you to join me for a year of Healing Collage for 2021! This free challenge begins in January 2021, but you can join anytime! All you have to do is create one collage a week based on a healing theme. I like to use a digital app to create my collages. You can learn how I create my collages HERE


1. Consider the healing word for the week and see where it lands in your body. 


2. Once you have anchored the good feeling from the word of the week, start to intuitively look for imagery that matches your felt-sense of the word.


3. Create an intuitive collage. To find out how to make an intuitive collage go HERE.


4. You can download the list of prompts below.



Join me in the Discover Intuitive Collage Facebook Group HERE.



If you prefer posting on Instagram please use the hashtag #collageforself-discovery and tag me @shelleyklammer.


Download the Prompts

2021 Healing Collage Prompts - Shelley K
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB