Share your Intuitive/Creative Process Website, Blog, Video or Book


Creative Process Portal is place for artists and therapists to share the joy of how their creative process supports self-awareness, emotional healing, and soul connection. 


I love living in creative process and I have created this portal to share the joy of creative process with you!


Every Creative Process Has a Story


It is my aim to create a library of resources for artists, therapists and writers to share their intuitive and creative process work with others.


As a personal example - this year - I am creating a mandala a day. I am consciously dedicated to exploring my divine feminine nature through intuitive mandala making. You can view my ongoing mandala process HERE.


How to Submit:


In the spirit of friendship, I invite you to share your creative process with other creatives through one or more of the following:


1. An art process video

2. A creative process blog, website or FB Page. 

3. A book dedicated to the creative process


I am passionate about promoting the benefits of the expressive arts. My website presently enjoys 1000-2000 visitors a day and many express that they use it as an expressive art resource. 


It is my hope that your page on my website will be part of a free resource library for people seeking to explore the intuitive process and your creative work for years to come. 


In appreciation of you taking the time to share, I will do a paid promotion of your creative process page with your web link details on my Expressive Art Inspirations FB Page. 


I invite you to consider the following five questions as part of your submission:


1. If you could sum up your current creative process in one sentence what would it be?


2. How is your creative process supporting you to grow, change or transform?


3. What are the main themes you are exploring in your creative process at the moment?


4.  What are you currently discovering inside of your creative process that might serve as an inspiration for other people's creativity?


5. How can we learn more about your creative work in process? Please share and describe your website, blog, Youtube channel, book, FB Page etc.


Bio, Images and Video:

a. Please send 2-3 images of your creative work

b. Links to your art process video(s) 

c. A profile pic. If you want your art process to remain anonymous please send a piece of art that represents who you are at the moment.

d. A short description of who you are as an artist/writer/creator.


Please send your writing, links and imagery to in the body of an email or download and submit the word doc below:

Submission Guidelines - Creative Process
Microsoft Word Document 92.1 KB