Creative Process Portal


"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."


~ Edward de Bono


Creative Process Portal is a place for artists, authors and therapists to share how their creative process supports mindfulness, self-awareness, emotional healing and soul connection. 


Creative Process Portal


1. Marianne Burger - Paper Collage

2. Lum Weng Kong  - Graffiti Murals

3. Priya Mani - Sacred Intuitive Art

4. Sveva Caetani - Archetypal Watercolors

5. Anne Millett Gallant - Re-Membering through Art Therapy

6. Marion Gibbon - Intuitive Art

7. Dr. Jamie Marich - Dancing Mindfulness

8. Chetna Mehta - Visual Affirmations

9. Stephanie Peterson - Drawing for Joy

10. Dara Dines - Spirit Dolls

11. Deborah Shouse - Writing for Connection

12. Elliot Thompson - Illustrating Emotions

13. Teresa Howard - Written and Visual Journaling

14. Marilyn Hagar - Finding the Wild Inside